8-in-one EDC Tools Meets Utility

8 in one covi-carry + everyday carry

  • Antimicrobial door opener
  • Rubber stylus
  • Bottle opener
  • 5 mm Slot type screwdriver
  • Hexa driver
  • Box Opener/Staple remover
  • Non-slip rubber hook for bags and headphones
  • Keyring

Anti-Microbial Brass door opener

Avoid direct contact and germ transmission. Sanky is a must-have tool for Covid carry. Door handle, flush handle or anything you can put a finger on, go on Sanky!

Bag Hanger

Floors are gross. Hang your bag! Sanky added rubber from nonslip to any materials of desk. Safety & versatile!

Easy carry

Designed with key ring to carry around!

Crack a bottle & celebrate

Key chain bottle openers are among the most common EDCs on the market. So we added a bottle opener to the leading edge of the Sanky.

Crack a bottle & celebrate

Sanky’s leading edge is perfectly crafted to function as both a staple remover and a box opener, so you can get those packages open with antimicrobial ease!

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