Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
rmour foldable aluminum ipad tablet stand with two iphones on it
Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
product packaging with eva case and paper box
Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet - creatiodesign
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Rmour stand 2.0 for Tablet

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This product is adjustable and stable, suitable for supporting Tablet when work and leisure.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Purpose: Support Tablet
Size: 135*118*26mm

Package Included:
1 * Tablet holder, 1* Carrying case, 1* Cable organize rubber

【Adjustable & Ergonomic】This adjustable tablet stand is ergonomically designed to improve human body posture with two kings of adjustments ways. The laptop holder elevates your tablet from 0-200mm height for a perfect eye level, letting you fix posture and reduce your neck fatigue, back pain, and eye strain. Very comfortable for working in home, office and outdoor.

【Sturdy & Full Protective】Made of premium aluminum alloy. With anti-skid silicone on the back and raised hooks, it can secure your tablet in place, and maximum protect your device from scratches and sliding.

【Portable & Foldable】This portable tablet stand only weighs 0.4KG and can be quickly folded into a small size of 13*11.5*3*5mm. Easy to carry anywhere with a carrying case. Ideal for people who travel for business a lot.

【Broad Compatibility】Our Rmour Stand is compatible with all Tablet and Mac

【Cooling & Ventilation Design】100% Aluminum alloy material and can absorb and discharge heat efficiently. What’s more, the hollow design and forward-tilt angle offer excellent heat dissipation and natural airflow to prevent your laptop from overheating.



aluminum adjustable tablet stand

Cable Organized

Removes the distracting jumble of wires with a built-in cable organizer. Regardless of the viewing angle, the charging cables can be organized and hidden from view.

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Portable & Foldable

Light to carry and simple to set up, using Ridge Laptop Stand is a breeze to use.

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adjustable tabletop stand for tablet ridge stand

Usage Recommandation

Applicable Models

Macbook Air 11 -13 / Macbook Pro 13 / etc...  iPad Pro / Switch/ Kindle / Surface Pro