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Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad
Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad
Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad
Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad
Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad

    Z1 Clip-on Mouse Pad

    $29.00 $32.00
    • Spacious 9.4" x 5.5" surface for mouse and elbow support
    • Ergonomic design reduces wrist strain and promotes comfort
    • Durable aluminum alloy construction for years of use
    • Seamless integration with all Rmour Maxtand Laptop Stands (MT1, MT2, MT3)
    • Universal clamp design for desks up to 2.1" thick
    • Sleek and modern design complements any workspace
    Dimensions: 240mm x 140mm (9.4" x 5.5")
    Thickness range: ≤ 52mm (2.1")
    Net weight: 325g (0.72 lbs)
    Material: Aluminum alloy, Fabric
    Spacious mousing surface

    Ample room for both your mouse and elbow, reducing strain and promoting a natural posture.

    Seamless Integration with MT3 Laptop Stand

    Dedicated mousing area: Eliminates the need for a separate mousepad, ideal for laptop users with an external mouse.
    Clutter-free workspace: Creates a streamlined and organized workspace, enhancing productivity.

    Versatile Clamp Design for Effortless Installation

    Universal compatibility: Fits desks up to 2.1" thick without drilling or tools.
    Damage-free installation: Easily attaches and detaches without damaging your desk surface.

    Upgrade Your Workspace Experience

    Comfort and productivity booster: Promotes a comfortable and productive work environment.
    Sleek and modern design: Complements any workspace with its stylish aesthetic.