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The portable sit-to-stand desk and monitor arm

An adjustable and portable standing desk

The Maxtand’s three pivot points (Base, Middle, Top) can be individually adjusted into eighteen different configurations. Each pivot point’s magnetic cover gives the Maxtand a sleek, modern look, while covering up the rotating screws underneath the cover.

Adjustable laptop stand for desk
Adjustable standing stand for laptop
magnetic cover

Be well prepared - wherever you are

The Maxtand’s versatility not only allows you to do more with your workstation, it allows you to work in more places. Weighing less than five pounds, the Maxtand is compact, portable, and ready to follow you to wherever your next assignment demands. From hotel rooms to shared workspaces, any place can become a comfortable workspace with the Maxtand (even the floor!).

adjustable laptop desk

The Adjustable Arm for Your Monitor

VESA compliant: 100 x 100 mm, 75x 75mm. Fits most 10"-30" monitors.

Maxtand monitor arm

Bright Idea

Add on $12 to upgrade your stand to be a table lamp.